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Star Wars Quotes these are some of the Star Wars movies quotes that are useful in everyday life.

Ore Monogatari Its a nice anime, if you like it you can use now.

Megaman Pack1 If you like Megaman, this is your post. 40 Stickers for fun. Comment if you like my job

APCA Tech this is Apca Tech Sticker

Kakao Pack Stickers Kakao Pack Stickers

Hooloo this is a character about animals

Silent Hill Part1 Disfruta los primeros emoji de silent hill, subiré mas packs con otros elementos, Enjoy the Silent Hill Emoji, soon i will upload new pack with more.

Lord of the rings sticker Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit Sticker

emoji sticker

Gretchen Reality television personality from Brazil. by @xlipe

OT memes Memes from the “OT”

Red Alert 2 The old and awesome rts.

Happy Tree Friends The horrible animals that die a lot.

1960’s Batman The only really cool Batman.

Get rekd

League of Legends The all champions of League of Legends Stickers!!!!

Gravity Falls Gravity falls sticker pack! Not much stickers but I worked really hard.

Apple Heroes (Apple Team) Telegram Stickers with Apple Team.

Marshmallow Some cute marshmallows to make you both happy and hungry

Germano Mosconi the original Germano Mosconi stickers. Italians do it better.

M.Noori Stickers

Calvin & Hobbes Stickers from the popular comic strip Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson. I take no claim to the original art in these stickers; I simply edited them to have transparent backgrounds and the proper dimensions. All original art by… Continue Reading →

Yasamin Curly hair She is yasamin , curly hair and cut

Bugs everywhere – I Buggati


Spoiled Produce (originally viber) Here are some stickers from viber set “Spoiled produce”. Quality is not perfect, but characters are sooo nice!

Scrubs Cartoon #1 Mart Scrubs characters cartoon version. First package, by Mart.

Charlie the unicorn

Pom gets wifi

misc CO1

Tangled Rapunzel

Chris Brown


Rose Of Versailles

Dark Souls

Dark souls inspired pack with cuteness overload

The Walking Dead

Ninja Bear

Bro Region

Croqueta y Empanadilla

Persian Serial Persian Iran Farsi Film Serial Funny Best Good Memory Stickers Iranian Face

Game Of Thrones Characters

Browsers Face

Street Fighter Chibi

Emojos Made by Lonami – http://LonamiWebs.TK

GiiGii bactery

fromDribble – (Barbaro, Budda, Funnes, Homer, Kiss, Sheldon)


Brave Frontier Raid Stickers

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Bob’s Burger

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